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What Graduates are Saying

Right Hand Path Reiki Success

"Hi Sensei 


I wish to say something to you:-

That your physical & distance healing technique is amazing. I don't have words to say on it,  really it is brilliant .

Actually I have made one FB group for poor people and the devotees of Baba Neeb Karori in India. I'm providing free healing to all of them on weekly basis. 

Every week approximately 80 to 120 people's drop there request and every Saturday I send healing to all of them. I use your technique for distance healing. 

I am wondering that the response and feedback given by all of them is wonderful. 

I have a Reiki clinic in Chennai and l saw that your technique in terms of physical healing is so effective. Where medical science failed your technique is giving maximum best results. All patients are very happy. Katana is really doing higest best."


Ravinder Kumar Gupta 

Chennai India 

Kabbalah Roots in RHPR

"Hi Sensei Joe!

Hope you are doing well in all ways - healthy, happy and abundant!

Well.... having just completed your Right Hand Reiki Path Grandmaster Training, I can honestly say I am blown away.  I'm not at all sure how you managed to condense such a comprehensive amount of information into a brief course like this but you did it.  Obviously the manual is a great back up tool and reference guide so many congratulations on an enjoyable and really informative course.  And great value for money.

I should say at this point that I am already a Reiki Master Teacher/Practitioner (Traditional Usui method, Arjava Petter lineage) but am always extremely open to learning ground-breaking new teachings and methods - like yours - for using Reiki.  As regards the Right Hand method, it hadn't occurred to me that using the left hand in treatment could actually be dangerous and thank God I've never experienced anything negative myself like you did (I'm really rather relieved!).  However, I have occasionally wondered whether energy was somehow getting 'trapped' in a circuit and whether that might hinder the healing process.....and now you have validated my concerns and explained it so well! Also building up energy in the hara/tanden makes absolute sense.  I have yet to practise with the new symbols.

So, thank you Sensei Joe, I am now doing it right handed and keeping my left well away from my clients.  Interestingly, when doing a treatment, my left hand (which has always been the more sensitive one) kinda guides me as to when it's time to move the right hand from one chakra to another... I hadn't realised how sensitive my left hand is - really buzzes with the energy - and when the buzzing subsides, that's my cue to move my right hand to the next point in treatment. This is quite a discovery for me!

But most of all I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the Ana B'Choach incantation. Omg. O-M-G. From the first time I said it (and despite clumsy mispronunciations etc haha!) this incredible calm confidence came over me which gave me the oomph to go out and successfully renegotiate a failing work contract the same day!  I've researched the prayer... and here's the added bonus for me. It has led me right back to the Kabbala - a philosophical pathway I started in the early 1990s (long before Madonna popularised it!!) but it fell off my spiritual agenda for some reason as years went by.  Rekindling my Kabbalistic interest has felt like coming home.... at a particularly challenging time in my life and I am beyond grateful.

So a million thanks Sensei.  I'm so glad I found your course (when the student is ready the teacher appears) and I will definitely be recommending it to others, especially other Reiki people.

Truly, I can't thank you enough Sensei Joe for sharing your gift and I look forward to doing more of your courses in the future.  To your continued success.

With very Best Wishes and Reiki Blessings, :-)

Namaste, Light, Love and Peace..."

Your student, 

Vanessa Miles

Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham, United Kingdom.


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